3rd Annual Siegel Band Raffle

Siegel High School Band Boosters, Inc. 2018 Raffle 

To Benefit The Siegel High School Band Official Rules & Regulations 

By participating, you agree that: 

The Siegel High School Band Boosters Raffle (the “Raffle”) is a fundraising activity conducted by the Siegel High School Band Boosters, Inc. (Hereinafter “SHSBB”) in support of the Siegel High School Band. These Official Rules & Regulations govern the conduct of the Raffle and together with the decisions of the SHSBB are binding on everyone who purchases a Raffle ticket and/or who is named on a Raffle ticket. These Official Contest Rules may not be waived, modified or supplemented except by the SHSBB in writing. No modification of these official contest rules shall be enforceable unless made by the SHSBB in writing and approved by the Board. These rules apply to any and all individuals selling Raffle tickets or anyone on the Raffle committee. 

PRIZE DRAWING: The Prize drawing for the Siegel High School Band Boosters Raffle will be held on Saturday, August 25, 2018, at the annual Siegel High School Band Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction in the SHS Cafeteria and will be announced over the public address system. The deadline for ticket purchase will be 9:00AM CDT, August 25, 2018, by cash payment only.  Checks will be accepted up to 10 days prior to the grand prize drawing event held on August 25, 2018, to ensure payment has been accepted and full entry into the drawing.  

The SHSBB will conduct all drawings in accordance with the Raffle rules contained herein. The winning ticket(s) will be drawn at random from a raffle drum containing all eligible Raffle tickets. The drawing for the prize(s) is open to the public; however the winner(s) do(es) not need to be present to win. The price per ticket is $10.  The SHSBB, reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to adjust the cash prize(s) amount based upon total ticket sales. 

All entries/tickets must be fully completed in order to be eligible including the printed name, address, phone number, and email of the entrant as agreeing to abide by the rules of the Raffle as prescribed by SHSBB. 

PRIZE(S): SHS Band Boosters does not undertake to give advice on the legal or tax consequences of the Raffle, or its winner(s). However, it understands that the IRS position is that amounts paid for chances in raffles, lotteries or similar drawings for valuable prizes are not gifts, and consequently do not qualify as deductible charitable contributions. 

The Prize winner(s) assume and must pay all fees and charges, income taxes (local, state and federal taxes) when the cash prize is transferred to the winner(s).  SHSBB assumes no responsibility for a prizewinner’s tax obligations and suggests you consult your tax advisor. Form 1099 will be filed with the Internal Revenue Service to report the value of the prize won. All required forms will also be filed with the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue and Gaming Commission. The winner will also receive a copy of these forms. This offer is void where prohibited by law and all federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.