Siegel Fall Festival


Join us on Saturday, July 23 for the Siegel Fall Festival!

Picture day times will be announced soon. Students have the option to wear their full band uniform but are required to wear the “Siegel Band Athletic Shirt” that they receive at band camp, black shorts, and tennis shoes. Sectional pictures, group pictures, and individual pictures will be taken on this day.

There will also be a community picnic on the football practice field from 5:30-8:00pm. We have been asked to bring the following to help make this picnic a success, let’s do our part!

  • Seniors – 1 case Canned Drinks and a Dessert. Please bring your case of 24 canned drinks or water, COLD and on ice in a cooler! DO NOT BRING 2 LITERS,ONLY CAN DRINKS OR BOTTLES OF WATER! Dessert should be enough to feed 10 people and please keep it simple. Cookies or brownies that are already cut! PLEASE do not bring items that have to be cut at the picnic. If you choose to bring a cake, please precut it and put the slices in Individual baggies.
  • Juniors – Please bring chips and 25 plastic forks! Please bring the individual pakages of chips (at least a 25 count package) that would be easy to grab in the food line.
  • Sophomores – Potato Salad or Pasta Salad (enough to feed 10 people and store bought is fine) and a pakage of Napkins.
  • Freshmen –Please bring 1 case of 24 canned drinks or water bottles COLD and on ice in a cooler! DO NOT BRING 2 LITERS; ONLY CAN DRINKS OR BOTTLES OF WATER!